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  • How do I know what skin service(s) are best for me?
    We encourage you to book in for a complimentary analysis so that we can pinpoint your exact concerns and direct you to the appropriate action plan for you.
  • What is microdermabrasion?
    A non-invasive, non-chemical exfoliation treatment. Microdermabrasion utilized a wand with a diamond encrusted tip with suction that is scraped across the surface of the skin to gently abrade the skin, removing dead skin cells, revealing a smooth and glowing skin. Microdermabrasion also promotes circulation, refines skin texture, minimizes oil, blemishes, black heads, milia and large pores, alleviates dry, dull and devitalized skins. Microdermabrasion is not performed on broken skin, sun burnt skin or areas of extreme couperose.
  • What is a chemical peel?
    A chemical peel is an exfoliation which is gentler on skins vs. the suction and rough diamond encrusted tipped wand of microdermabrasion. Specific peels are even gentle enough to use on rosacea type skins! A chemical peel is great for any skin and refines skin texture, minimizes oil, blemishes, black heads, milia and large pores, alleviates dry, dull and devitalized skins. Depening on the chemical chosen, we an specifically target dry skin, aging skin and oily/acneic skin. There are also multi-acid peels available to target a variety of skin concerns at once! Not all chemical peels will cause peeling of the skin. A chemical peel is not performed on broke skin, sun burnt skin or areas of extreme couperose.
  • What is high frequency?
    High frequency helps to heal the skin and relieve puffiness. This treatment also kills bacteria which is optimal for acne prone skins. Ideal for any skin type.
  • What is ultrasound?
    This treatment promotes cellular renewal, increases circulation, tones muscles, relieves puffiness and optimizes product penetration. Ideal for any skin type.
  • What is dermaplaning?
    Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation using a sterile surgical blade. Dermaplaning removes the build-up of dead skin cells from the epidermis and temporarily removes the fine vellus hair on the face, leaving a smooth surface. As with any type of exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells allows home care products to be more effective, makeup application is smoother, reduces appearance of fine lines, helps to even skin tone, reduces milia and minor breakouts associated with congested pores. There is no pain or discomfort during the treatment; you may experience a slight peeling for the first few days following the treatment. More sensitive skin may experience some redness immediately following treatment, which will subside in 2-3 hours.
  • What is microneedling?
    We use the Eclipse MicroPen Elite by Salient Medical which is an FDA approved device. This device is used to stimulate the tissue and improve the appearance of the skin. It is deisgned for use by certifiec skin care professionals. The procedure is performed in a safe and precise manner utilizing sterile saffety cartidges. A sterile tip containing 12 tiny micro-tips is attached to the Eclipse MicroPen® Elite. Your skincare professional will apply sterile saline and select the appropriate treatment pen settings based on your unique needs. Next, in a single motion, the pen will be gently pressed against the skin while simultaneously gliding in one direction until the entire treatment area has been covered. The procedure is typically completed in 30-60 minutes. The treatment time can vary based on the required treatment and anatomical site being treated. This service reduces the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, acne scars, photo aging (sun spots), stretch marks. Microneedling also stimulates collagen production to promote skin's firmess and youthfulness. The Eclipse MicroPen is inherently safer than other products, such as dermal rollers. The MicroPen delivers greater efficiency and superior clinical results while maintaining the highest level of safety for both the patient and provider. It is also safe for most skin types, which means it is a great procedure for almost everyone! MicroPen’s high-speed motor allows for a more efficient yet timely procedure. The rapid pen motion provides a more comfortable experience that patients describe as a mild sandpaper-like sensation. Each patient has unique skin needs and requirements. The variable pen position feature allows MicroPen professionals to customize a treatment for best clinical results. Safety and control features lead to predictable, consistent results. Compared to lasers and dermal rollers, MicroPen is able to deliver reliable and improved outcomes for virtually every patient. Immediately after the treatment, you will notice a bright redness to the skin. The total recovery time depends on the position of the pen and the number of overlapping passes your skincare professional performs. On average, patients are red for 2-4 days. Some patients heal completely in 24 hours. Utilizing the Eclipse Dermal Recovery System™ post treatment can speed up the healing process. Patients notice an immediate “glow” to their skin. Visible changes to the skin develop over the course of several weeks. Results can continue to improve up to 6 months after the treatment. Some patients only require a single treatment once a year to achieve optimal results. However, it is recommended for most patients to receive a series of 2-3 treatments spaced about 6-8 weeks apart. For patients with concerns about deep wrinkles, advanced photo-aging, stretch marks or acne scars, it is recommended to receive 6-8 sessions at 6-week intervals.
  • What is a Fire & Ice facial?
    This service utilizes both hot and cold modalities and products to create the perfect all-in-one skin treatment. Heat benefits - opens pores for a deeper clean, increases product absorption and stimulates the skin and promotes blood circulation which enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to our skin's cells. Cold benefits - tightens pores, soothes skin; inflamed, itchy and sensitive, smooths wrinkles and relieves redness.
  • What is a neuromodulator and how does it work?
    A neuromodulator is a medication that works to stop the contraction of the treated muscle by using small amounts of purified botulinum toxin A. This medication is naturally occurring in the environment and has been harnessed for both cosmetic and medical purposes. There are three common neuromodulators on today’s market; Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport.
  • What can neuromodulators treat?
    Neuromodulators are most commonly used to treat the upper one third of the face including the glabellar region (the 11’s or frown lines), the forehead, and around the eyes for crow’s feet. Neuromodulators can also but used to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), TMJ disorders and/or bruxism (grinding of the teeth). Neuromodulators can even be used for facial slimming!
  • What can I expect during a neuromodulator treatment?
    Treatment is fast, most patients report that the procedure is relatively painless or report a pinching sensation. Botox is known at the “lunch time treatment” because it has no down time and you can go back to work after a quick treatment without anyone noticing.
  • When do neuromodulator start to work and how long do they last?
    When your neuromodulator starts to take effect depends on the product used, but usually within 36 hours and full effect is seen at 14 days. Treatments lasts on average 3-4 months for wrinkle relaxation in the face and usually 6-8 months for hyperhidrosis treatments (excessive sweating).
  • What is a dermal filler and how does it work?
    Dermal fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid which is sugar that is found in our connective tissues. Dermal fillers work by smoothing wrinkles and adding volume. There are several dermal fillers on the market including Teosyal, Juvederm, and many more.
  • What can dermal fillers treat?
    Dermal fillers are usually used in the lower 2/3rds of the face. Common areas to treat are the cheeks, nasolabial folds, jawline, and lips. As we age, our facial structure changes and we lose volume as a result of shrinking fat pads which result in a forward sagging appearance. Dermal filler can help to add volume back in, soften wrinkles, which lead to a more youthful appearance.
  • How long do dermal fillers last?
    This is dependent on the area being treated and the product used. Some jawline, cheek and chin filler can last up to 18 months. Lip filler can last from 6 months to one year.
  • Who can administer cosmetic injections?
    Only doctors, dentists, registered nurses and registered practical nurses can legally administer cosmetic injections. Injectors should be trained in the art of aesthetic medicine.
  • What can I do to prepare for cosmetic injections?
    Please come with a freshly cleaned face or light makeup. Do not drink alcohol 3 days prior to treatment and discontinue the use of NSAIDS (Aspirin, Advil, Naproxen etc.) 7 days prior to treatment. Pineapple or pineapple juice can help to decrease inflammation due to the enzyme, Bromelain, and is recommended up to 3 days prior to treatment.
  • What are the aftercare instructions for cosmetic injections?
     Do not massage or rub the treated area.  Do not lie down for 3 hours after treatment.  Do not work out or expose yourself to high heat (shower, sauna, hot tub etc.) for 48 hours post treatment.  A mild headache can occur after treatment.  Tylenol can be taken after treatment for pain relief or headache. Do not take NSAIDS (Aspirin, Advil, Naproxen etc.) as it will increase risk for bruising.  Apply ice to decrease swelling.  Do not drink alcohol for a few days after treatment as it will increase risk for bruising.
  • What is deoxycholic acid (ie Belkyra or Kybella, a fat burner)?"
    Deoxycholic acid is similar to a digestive acid that we have inside our gut and breaks down fat. Deoxycholic acid is a prescription cytolytic medication used in adults to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), also called “double chin.” Itis not known if Deoxycholic acid is safe and effective in children less than 18 years of age. It isnot known if Deoxycholic acid is safe and effective for use outside of the submental area.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    A minimum of 2 treatments, however up to 8 treatments may be required for optimal results. The second treatment and future subsequent treatments are recommended to be done every 2 months. If the desired level of correction has not occurred after the second treatment, additional Deoxycholic acid® treatments may be needed.
  • What is permanent makeup?
    Permanent makeup aka cosmetic tattooing, brow embroidery, microblading, etc. implants pigment into the skin with small, sterile, disposable needle(s). The pigments used are developed specifically for cosmetic tattooing. Permanent makeup is a growing industry and is a very popular service to have done. For people who are allergic to cosmetics, have little to no eyebrows, light eyebrows, vision problems, have very active lifestyles or just want to minimize their daily routine. Permanent Makeup is a great option for a natural enhancement.
  • Does permanent makeup hurt?
    No! We use topical anasthetic (numbing cream) before and during the treatment to ensure there is little to no discomfort. After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red and hot but this dissipates over a short period of time. Cold packs may be applied to calm and cool the skin.
  • What happens during my treatment?
    The treatment consists of a full consultation involving paperwork, before/after pictures, a full brow design reflecting what look will benefit you specifically and what you like (we agree on shape before any pigment is implanted), the design is outlined with a sterile surgical marker to create a border that will keep our desired brow shape until the procedure is complete, topical anesthetic is then applied for your comfort. Once the procedure is complete, aftercare instructions are given and a complimentary follow up appointment is booked. The follow up appointment gives us the opportunity to see how the permanent makeup has healed and to make any desired adjustments if they are required (darker, thicker, etc.). Waiting the 6-8 weeks is absolutely necessary to see the true colour of the brow/liner/lips. The complimentary follow up appointment must be completed within 8 weeks time (anything booked after 8 weeks will result in a charge). Any additional touch ups will result in a charge.
  • How long does the process take?
    We generally book for 1-2 hours depending on the service provided. This allows us the appropriate time to pre-draw the perfect eyebrow for you, numb your skin and get you comfortable, choose the correct pigment colour, as well as go over aftercare and rebooking your follow up appointment. Actual tattoo time is about 20-30 minutes.
  • What will my permanent makeup look like?
    Permanent Makeup is more than what meets the eye. The colour and undertones of your skin play a massive role in what the pigment will look like once healed (6-8 weeks). There is the colour we see in the bottle, the colour freshly done (always shows darker because fresh, superficial pigment sits on the surface of the skin causing it to initially appear more intense), and the colour healed (much lighter as the pigment colour has healed and is being seen through our skin colour, 6-8 weeks later). Your skin tone and texture also play an important role. Clients with dry skin retain pigment much better than clients with oily skin, where permanent makeup will soften and powder out over time causing hair strokes to look less defined. Having a consultation with the Permanent Makeup technician is a great way to find out what option will work best for you! There is minimal swelling (24-48 hours) for top eyeliner procedures and lip treatments as these areas are more sensitive. Gel ice packs and an elevated pillow will help with this during that time period.
  • Will my natural brow hair be removed?
    No! We use your pre-existing eyebrow hair. This helps to create a seamless and natural appearance. Don't sweat it if you have no brow hair though! Your artist will help to create the perfect shape and will generally recommend a combination eyebrow as this appears the most natural for someone with no eyebrow hair.
  • How long will my permanent makeup last?
    Permanent makeup should last 2-4 years before needing a touch up aka colour boost. (Sun exposure, chemicals, anti-aging creams, and choosing a light (blonde) brow colour will speed up this time). Skin type and lifestyle affect how long permanent makeup lasts. Consult with your artist for a more individualized evaluation.
  • What is microblading?
    Microblading is still permanent makeup. The difference is the pigment is implanted into the skin with a handheld tool instead of a machine. This handheld tool is called a microblade and has needles on the end that are in a thin, straight line, allowing the artist to create individual hair strokes simulating brow hair. Microblading is often referred to as semi-permanent. This is because the pigment is less dense within each hair stroke created, therefore fades faster than a shaded eyebrow. Microblading is not suitable for all skin types (very thin or very oily skins not recommended) and having an assessment with your artist is essential to choosing the best brow type for you and your skin!
  • What is a powdered/shaded eyebrow?
    Powdering or shading an eyebrow is often performed with a machine, although can be performed with a handtool. This look creates a brow density and fullness that is soft and powdery, similar to filling your brows in with a powder or dipbrow. Powdered eyebrows last the longest as the pigment is more dense and filled inthroughout the entire brow. This method is great for any skin type. Having an assessment with your artist is essential to choosing the best brow type for you and your skin!
  • What is the aftercare procedure for permanent makeup?
    With the appropriate cleansing solution as well as aftercare balm, you are to wash at least once a day and use a sparing amount of aftercare balm as needed. With clean hands, wash the area morning and night, gently splash with water and pat dry, follow with a light coat of aftercare balm. Continue to do this for 2 weeks. Do not pick or scratch the area. This can disrupt healing as well as promote scarring or pigment loss. Avoid large amounts of Sun/salt exposure (a vacation just after having this service completed is not a great idea, please wait 2 weeks).
  • What are eyelash extensions?
    Eyelash extensions create the illusion of more volume, length and the mascara look we all love without the smudge. Your artist will sort through each natural lash, one-by-one, to apply one extension per one natural lash. Classic lashes are applied one extension to one natural (healthy) lash. [Russian] volume lashes are extremely light-weight and are able to be strategically bundled together in a fan form and applied to one natural (healthy) lash at a time. This method gives a fuller look compared to classic lashes and can help sparse, gapped, thin lashes to appear full and voluminous. Hybrid lashes are a combination of both methods. Talk to your artist to see which method is best for your lashes and your individual style! Eyelash extensions vary in colour, thickness and in length so they can be tailored to fit your style and eye shape! Your artist can even add sparkle extensions or crystals for an event, the holidays or a glamorous look.
  • Why are some eyelash extensions more costly than other lashes?
    Individual Eyelash Extensions vs. Pre-made Cluster Lashing: Certain eyelash extensions are pricier than other lashes because of the amount of time and skill they require. A new set of eyelash extensions can take 1 ½ to 3 hours depending on the amount of natural lashes the technician is working with as well as how many lashes are being applied. Cluster lashes are far less expensive for the professional to purchase and very quick to apply. Cluster lashes are generally too heavy for our natural lashes as they are pre-bundled and pre-glued together causing excess weight to the natural eyelash. This may cause pre-mature loss of not only the extensions but of our own natural lashes, causing possible follicle distortion and slow our natural lash growth. [Russian] Volume Lashes differ from Cluster Lashes as their weight is much less which allows them to be safe for the natural lash and still look full, dark and voluminous.
  • What is the maintenance required for eyelash extensions?
    Our natural lashes have a lifespan of 60-90 days, they are continually falling and growing. As our natural lashes shed we must get a “fill” of new eyelash extensions to replace and maintain our full lash appearance. Maintenance required for eyelash extensions varies from person to person. If you love to have very full, very thick lash extensions, having a fill every 2 weeks would be ideal, some clients even come every week! The average client gets a fill every 2-3 weeks. Anything over 4 weeks from the initial set or after each fill is considered a new set as it leaves much work for the technician, which is similar to a full set due to our lash cycle, and is charged as such. A fill takes 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours and includes a clean up of older, grown out lashes, as well as new extensions applied to our “baby” lashes that have now grown out and are strong enough to withstand an extension. Fills price range depends on the length of time in between treatments and the amount of time the fill takes.
  • What is the aftercare procedure for eyelash extensions?
    Caring for your lashes is very simple. From working out to showering and swimming, you are free to treat your lashes as you normally would. We need to refrain from pulling, picking and rubbing our lashes once they are extended. If you sleep on your face, lashes will fall off more quickly. Purchasing a silk/satin pillow case or sleep mask will help this from happening. Cotton pillow cases tend to catch and pull at our lashes. Wearing traditional mascara on our lash extensions or using oil-based makeup (eyeliners, eyeshadows) on our eyelid/lashes will cause our lash extensions to fall out prematurely as the oil comprimises the integrity of the adhesive's bond. A pre-approved water-based eye makeup remover or an approved lash cleanser is necessary to remove any makeup, natural oils, dirt and debris. We must also cleanse our eyelids on a regular basis. Some of us may not realize but our eyelids have natural oils as well! Keeping this area clean while wearing lash extensions is crucial to our eye and lash health as well as the longevity of the extensions. Gently cleanse your eyelid, swiping back and forth several times with the foam cleanser and brush, following with a good rinse with water and gently pat dry. A tip to dry your eyelash extensions after cleansing or after showering, is to gently pat dry and use your blow dryer (low) on the cool setting, blowing up to the lashes, follow by giving the extensions a gentle brush with the lash brush provided by your artist.
  • What is Henna Brow?
    Henna Brow creates a powdered, defined brow. Longer lasting than tinting but not as much of a commitment as Permanent Makeup or Microblading. Benefits of Henna: •Won't fade orange •Especially formulated for the face (safe on skin) •Promotes hair growth •Last 2-3 times longer than regular tints (including on the skin) •Great for clients who need their eyebrows filled in but don’t want to commit to Permanent Makeup •Safe for clients with gluten allergies •Vegan, Kosher and Halal friendly •Cruelty-free •All shades available, even for blonde and red heads
  • What is Brow Lamination?
    This uses the natural brow hair only! We use a solution to "fix" the brow hairs in place, followed by Henna or Tinting the hair for a more defined look. This services is for you if... you love your brow gel, need to tame your rogue brow hairs, want fluffy and fuller looking brows. The brow hair will maintain its fluffy appearance for approx. 2 months. While there is no maintenance at home to keep up this look, you will need to brush your brow hair in the morning to help it back into place.
  • How do I prepare for my waxing service?
    Light exfoliation and moisturizing in the days leading up to your waxing service will deliver better results! Less ingrown hairs and a smoother finish. Skip moisturizig on the day of your appointment. If you shave, let the hair grow approx. 2 weeks before getting waxed. If you are on prescribed acne medications, use retinol/Vit A/glycolic or other acids please inform your technician when you are booking and at your appointment. Certain medications/creams/ointments can thin the skin which will cause injury to the skin such as bruising and/or tearing. Do not have a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser, excessive sun, etc. 2 weeks before and after the waxing service. This can also cause the skin to be too sensitive for this service at this time. Any body area being waxed MUST be trimmed to 1/2 inch before the service. Longer hair can matte together when waxed causing pain and possible skin injury. If you do not trim before your service then a $10 charge will be applied.
  • What are the do's and don't after my waxing service?
    Don't: -Touch the area with dirty hands/objects (cell phone on a freshly waxed cheek/sideburn). -Do not tweeze, shave, use depilitory creams (such as Nair), etc. in between waxing appointments. This will disrupt the hair removal cycle and cause hair growth in between the scheduled appointments. -Be extremely active/heat the skin 24 hours after your treatment - hot tubs, hot yoga, HIT workouts, etc. This can cause skin discomfort and/or bumps/pimples. Do: -Keep the area clean, especially within the first few hours after the service. -Return on a cycle for best results - approximately every 4 weeks. -Pre-book your appointment. -Exfoliate and moisturize between waxing appointments.
  • How do I prepare for my spray tan?
    Shower, exfoliate and shave the24-48 hours prior to your appointment. This helps give our pores time to close for a more flawless tan.
  • What do I wear during my spray tan?
    This is up to each individual and their comfort level. Some choose to wear a bathing suit, their under garments (the spray tan solution does not stain), only their under garments, disposables (that we offer for a small fee) or their birthday suit!
  • What do I wear to my spray tan appointment?
    Bring or wear dark, loose clothing to your appointment to allow the tan to set without negativley impacting the guide spray.
  • What are some tips to follow immediately post treatment?
    1. Do not shower or bathe for a minimum of 8 hours after the treatment. 2. Try to avoid washing your hands for as long as possible in the development time (a minimum of 2 hours). Try a hand sanitizer or wipes instead. 3. Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after the treatment. 4. The guide colour can be left on overnight although it may transfer onto bed linen. It will wash out of cotton, but not so easily from man-made fibres or wool. 5. Don't worry if you see colour washing off from your first shower, this is to be expected and is normal. Let the water rinse over you and gently, while under the water, wipe/rinse until there is no more colour coming off. What is left over is your beautiful, sunless tan.
  • How can I keep my tan looking its best for as long as possible?
    1. Apply St. Tropez Body Moisturizer every day. 2. Exfoliate your skin with St. Tropez Body Polish every 2-3 days to ensure even fading. 3. After showering, PAT the skin dry rather than rubbing. 4. Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can bleach the tan. Also, keep in mind that salt water may dry your skin and cause your sunless tan to fade faster. 5. Remember there are no sun filters in St. Tropez products. It is very important that you still use a sun protection product with sufficient levels of SPF when exposing your skin to the sun.
  • What products should I avoid after my spray tan?
    Dove soap and body washes that are thick and cream in texture will strip the spray tan quickly. Any body lotion that is oil based as oil breaks up the tan pigment and will cause streaking.
  • What is The Beauty Room's cancellation/booking policy?
    Due to the high volume of clients who do not show up for their bookings, The Beauty Room requires a Visa or MasterCard in order to secure a spa appointment of 2 hours + or a group booking. The Beauty Room requires 24 hours notice to cancel the reservation. If 24 hours notice is not given, The Beauty Room will charge the card a $25.00 per hour fee. Thank you for understanding how important it is to us to be able to re-book our time.
  • What if I am late for my appointment?
    Being late 15 minutes or more will result in your service being cancelled. 50% of the service missed will be charged to you. *Depending on the service (facial treatment, nail service, etc)* You may still proceed with your service if you choose but your service time will be adjusted to match the time missed, meaning an express version of the service will be given but you will be charged for the full version of said service.
  • Can I bring my child/children?
    No, for health and safety concerns children are not allowed in the service room. If your child is 16+ they are permitted to wait in the waiting room but will not monitored for health and safety.
  • Do I require to pay a deposit for my service?
    For services such as permanent makeup/microblading, full set of lash extensions, group bookings of any kind, yes. A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required to book and secure your preferred appointment time. This deposit fee is put towards the cost of the service and will be discounted at the time of purchase. These services block a large section of my schedule and that is why a non-refundable deposit is required. If given 48 hour notice (2 business days) to cancel or reschedule then your deposit will be moved to the new appointment time/date. If you cancel on the day of it is considered a "no show" and you will be charged 50% of the service missed. You may not rebook for any service until that charge is paid. Certain circumstances are understandable and I encourage you to reach out to us and have a conversation. Thank you for understanding and respecting me and our time.
  • What happens with my deposit if I am rescheduled/cancelled last minute?
    This is an extremely rare occurance but...we are all human and sometimes things come up that we have no control over. If I have to rescheduleor cancel you last minute, I will refund your 100% of your deposit! I will also offer you 10% off to rebook your appointment at that time as a thank you for being so understanding.
  • Do I have to turn off my cell phone?
    Yes! Especially my lash and tattoo clients. Distractions can cause problems, twitchy eyes, etc.
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