Meet The Team

"Our passion is your beauty and confidence."



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As a Beauty Professional with 11 years experience, JESSICA enjoys setting the bar high for the industry and coaching her students to hold themselves to the highest standards possible. 


As well as being a multi-certified artist and Founder of The Beauty Room, she has been an Educator in the Beauty Industry for 7 years and is extremely passionate about quality education and on-going student support.



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A Beauty Professional with 12 years experience in the Beauty Industry, DANIELLE is a multi-certified artist and is an expert in the field. 

She is also an educator
for TBR Academy, offering valuable insight from her 12 years experience in the industry.

Her down to earth attitude and attention to detail will have you comfortable and feeling your best with each service.
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Natasha is a Medical Aesthetician and is our skin care specialist but is also known for creating beautiful nail art and fabulous brows.


Natasha's professionalism and product & service knowledge will have you feeling confident and cared for.



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JEAN is a Registered Nurse with 11 years of Nursing experience. She has been in the Cosmetic Industry since 2014 and has always loved the science and art behind it.

Having completed her Master's Degree in Nursing, Jean committs to continuously improve her knowledge and skills to be updated with the latest trends in the field by attending workshops and seminars to provide the best quality care for her clients. In her practice, safety is her priority, and aesthetics second.

Her approach is not to change the way you look as she strongly believes that with the correct Injector, you can still look like YOURSELF, just more BEAUTIFUL.