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This chemical free formula is perfect for those leading a more pure lifestyle and those with oral health conditions such as recession and weak enamel With the active ingredient being baking soda, this kit is also safe for nursing and expectant mommas (please consult dr. first).


Recommended For:

Ages 12+


Suffer from sensitivity and/or recession

Pregnant (please consult dr. first)


Kit Includes:

2 x 2ml Peroxide FREE custom pens.

1 x Chap Stick

1 x Cheek Retractor

1 x Personal LED light


Treatments included: 45-60


Healthcare Canada Approved


Custom Pen Highlights

-Allows control and accuracy of gel placement

-The custom pen can reach areas strips and trays cannot i.e.: in between braces, mal aligned teeth.


Thanks to the pen tip, you can AVOID areas not wanting treatment i.e.: areas of recession, teeth in mid treatment or recently extracted areas.

Pure Intentions Kit 4ml

  • Useage 4-5 times per week, 20 minute sessions.

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