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Get radiant, clean and soft skin while removing dead cells from your body. Thiese exfoliating gloves is treated with an antimicrobial that provides resistance to the attack of bacteria, fungi and mites. clinically tested, for all skin types.

Its packaging has a suction cup that sticks to the wall of your bathroom so you have it always at hand.


For a radiant and soft skin
It stretches to clean and polish hard-to-reach areas
This product is treated with an antimicrobial, which provides resistance against the attack of bacteria, fungi and mites
Clinically tested, for all skin types

Stretch fabric ideal for the whole body
Deep cleaning
It has a functional case to hang in the bathroom
Stretches three times more than its normal size
1 piece

Moisten the fabric and apply the bath, soap or scrub gel of your choice. Provides a gentle massage to your skin with the product to clean and exfoliate. Rinse with water and let dry. Daily use is recommended.

For best results we recommend carving in circular movements and from side to side in the direction of the heart.

Exfoliating Stretch Wash Cloth

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