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Your New Go-To Face SPF!

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

During these summer months, protecting our skin can be daunting. Jumping in and out of the pool, laying on the dock to nap and of course forgetting to reapply our SPF in general.

Most of us think the SPF in our daily moisturizer is good enough but it isn’t! This SPF is diluted into the moisturizer (meaning it isn't as effective) therefore it is crucial to apply sunscreen as its own layer. If you take a look at professional brands, you will notice that most, if not all of them, have stopped offering a moisturizer with an SPF included. SPF should be applied as the final step of your skincare routine and before makeup application.

Why is sunscreen so important?

The most obvious reason, SPF prevents skin cancer. Regular use of SPF 15 or higher reduces the risk of developing SCC (squamous cell carcinoma) by 40% and lowers melanoma risk by a whopping 50%! ( SPF is the best way to protect against skin damage, like a burn, which can lead to much more serious issues.

Did you know? Skin is damaged by sun exposure over your lifetime, whether or not you burn. ( SPF should be applied 365 days of the year.

Secondly, SPF is the number one way to fight aging skin!

For those in the back who couldn't hear me, SPF IS THE NUMBER ONE ANTI-AGING PRODUCT YOU CAN GET!

The main skin concern our clients ask us about is pigmentation. How to get rid of pigmentation and how to avoid getting pigmentation in the future. While Retinol/AHA and Vitamin C are a dynamic duo in combating these pesky spots, an SPF is absolutely necessary to avoid pigmentation from worsening (especially because these products are "active", they are photo sensitizing, an SPF is non-negotiable).

Did you know? UV rays from the Sun cause more than 90% of the visible signs of aging, which include wrinkles, rough patches, sagging, and skin discolouration. (

Why do most of us dislike wearing sunscreen?

It is a common thought, although an incorrect one, that SPF hinders a tan. While wearing SPF you will still be able to get colour, just in a safer way.

Also, people, generally those with an oilier skin type or acne-prone skins, are reluctant to wear sunscreen because it is generally heavy, oily and causes major breakouts.

Cue Miracle 10 SPF 30...

The down low

Dry-touch application leaves an unnoticeable finish which will allow for an effortless makeup application (non-greasy, light and not sticky)

•Non-comedogenic formulation will not clog pores (completely safe on acne-prone, sensitive and oily skins)

•Water and sweat resistant formula will retain SPF after 80 minutes of physical activity

This formula is truly non-greasy, absorbs instantly and will not cause a break out!

If you're ready to take the next step in practicing "safe sun" and anti-aging, stop into the Beauty Room and ask for a sample of this wonderful product and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!


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