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The Dirt on Microdermabrasion

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

I have had multiple inquiries about Microdermabrasion lately so I have decided to let you all in on why this service is so amazing!

Who is Microdermabrasion good for? Unless you have inflamed or [diagnosed] Rosacea skin, Microdermabrasion will benefit you! Oily skin? Dry skin? Dull and devitalized skin? Aging skin? Textured skin? Call me! (You should also avoid this treatment if you have a sunburn or any type or irritation in the area we are working on)

What does Microdermabrasion do? It helps to refine the skin through exfoliation. A diamond-encrusted wand that uses suction is carefully smoothed along the skin's surface to help excess oil, enlarged pore size, textured skin (with impurities under the skin, bumps, ingrown hairs, etc.) and dry skin, Microdermabrasion helps to remove the top layer of dead skin. By doing this, serums and moisturizers can perform at their peak, which promotes hydration, decrease fine lines, lighten pigmentation from acne/the Sun. Micro leaves your skin feeling fresh, noticeably smoother and gives a beautiful glow. It also helps our cell renewal rate which causes the skin to appear more youthful. This is a non-invasive treatment and can even be done on a lunch hour!

How often will I need Microdermabrasion? It really depends on your current skin health and what your goal is. Each skin in unique and requires a different amount of treatment. If you are happy with your current skin and just need a pick me up, one session every 2-3 months (or Seasonally) does a wonderful job of maintaining. If you suffer from blemished or oily skin, more treatments are required. A series of 4-6 are recommended along with [of course] a good skin care regime at home. I always tell my clients to think of Micro as a work out for their skin! If you go to the gym once a month but still eat McD's every day, you're probably not going to get abs. Maintenance and care still needs to be done at home to get and to keep the best possible results. Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, is a basic but effective routine to get into! Skin care does not need to be an 8 step before bed process (unless you're crazy like me and love that kind of thing #pampered). 

What are the don't for after treatment? For 24 hours after the treatment it is best to avoid anything that heats up the skin such as working out, hot yoga, hot tub, steam shower, basking in the sun, etc. It is best to avoid the direct sun for one week post treatment (don't get a Micro and go to Mexico, hit up a tanning bed or enjoy a patio for an extended period of time without proper protection - susncreen, a hat).

You may be slightly pink/rosy for up to one hour after the treatment but this is normal. If you plan on going out post treatment, I can apply a skin safe SPF tinted moisturizer to conceal any redness.

If you think Microdermabrasion is right for you or if you would like to have a consultation to see what is the best treatment/products for you, please contact us for more information.


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