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Hottest PMU Trends of 2018

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

We have all watched as trends come and go, some great and some well, not so great! One thing that will never go out of style is a simple and natural enhancement, honing in on our own beauty but refining it.

We all know beautiful brows are IN but I have had a growing number of questions and bookings for eyelash enhancement tattoos and beauty marks tattoos!

Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo:

Q: What is an eyelash enhancement tattoo?

A: A thin line placed within the lash line to create depth to the eyes/lashes and make them pop, without the appearance of wearing an eyeliner. Great for natural beauties who do not like to wear makeup often, if at all.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: No! I use a topical anesthetic (numbing cream) BEFORE the treatment meaning that are you completely numb. Clients say they can feel a slight vibration and that it tickles from time to time but no pain.

Q: How long does the treatment take?

A: 20 minutes.

Q: What healing time can I expect?

A: Minimal - Some clients may be more sensitive than others and can experience slight swelling for 24 hours. Most clients feel perfectly fine and resume their normal activities immediately.

Q: How long does an eyelash enhancement tattoo last?

A: The average timespan is 1-3 years.

Beauty Mark Tattoo:

Now I'm not talking about full face freckles because we all know how much of a terrible idea I believe those are BUT one or two cute little freckles strategically placed are beautiful!

Q: Where is the most common place to put them?

A: Some clients like to enhance the few they already have while others like one above their upper lip (Marilyn, anyone?), beside their nose or just under their eye.

Q: What colour of pigment do you use?

A: Of course not black! We use a nice shade of dark brown so it appears extremely realistic and soft.

Q: How do I know what size to get?

A: We pre-draw for you to see before implanting pigment. We also believe it looks best to not have a perfect dot but to have soft, irregular edges, to resemble the real deal!

We filled in this client's chicken pox scar

If you have been thinking about getting one (or both) of these services please contact us for more information! We offer complimentary consultations as well.


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