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Botox, fillers, oh my!

Injectables are not only for your mother or grandmother. Contrary to popular belief, certain injectables can be a great way to slow the aging process (Botox and fine lines/wrinkles). Of course there are fillers that can turn back the clock in respect to present wrinkles. Smokers lines? Marionette lines? Angry forehead wrinkles? Crows feet? Say good bye!

Botox is my go-to in the forehead/eye area. On top of preventing deep set lines, Botox is incredible at minimizing my migraines due to the overuse of my forehead muscles.

A touch of filler in your lips is how to get the perfect natural pout. A half syringe can go a long way on thin lips. (And don't worry, numbing cream really helps to minimize any sting or pokes).

The key to remaining natural while enhancing your beauty? A skilled injector! Do your research and look at portfolio pictures and reviews. Know how qualified your injector is. Having a recommendation from a friend is even better. Knowing first hand that someone was happy with a service is really the best way to ease your mind and feel confident in your choice.

Benefits of Botox & Filler:

The Beauty Room in Oshawa will be hosting events to educate clients and those interested in perhaps taking the plunge and trying injectables. Meet your injector and have a private consultation to see what might be the best treatment(s) for you!

Contact us for our next event date and get on the list.



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